Wholesale seafood suppliers


Our Mission

Vofpm’s vision is to process and trade as many indigenous products as possible. We thus generate greater support for the Dutch fishing fleet.

Our future aspiration is to continue innovating, updating and modifying our products and production processes to meet the specific requirements of buyers and consumers.


Since its inception, Vofpm’s intention has been to focus on innovation. Previously, lobster was known as a seafood product that perished quickly. In addition, the heads turned black within a short space of time. Thus, the product deteriorated rapidly in terms of quality and visual appeal. Vofpm is now able to deliver a high quality product thanks to important modifications in processing and treatment. As a result, our fresh lobster is widely used in star-rated restaurants, amongst others. Vofpm is continually busy optimising and automating the production process. For example, we use Aersmash equipment in our production and cooling facilities. This completely purifies the atmosphere of bacteria and mould in those areas, thus reducing the risk of spoiling and extending shelf life. As a result, we are able to present and offer even better and fresher lobster and other products. we are considered as the best Wholesale seafood suppliers worldwide.

Our History

Vofpm is a fish business that was established in 1999 by Jelle Pasterkamp from Urk Jelle comes from a family with a long tradition of working in the fishery and fishing trade. The Pasterkamp family’s relationship with fish started soon after World War II. Soon after the war, Jelle Pasterkamp snr. took over a fish shop in Hengelo. He started on a small scale, selling fish from a cargo bike. Together with his son Willem, he later focused more on export to England and Germany. Now the best who.lesale seafood suppliers in the world.

Once back in Urk, Jelle Pasterkamp established a fish processing business with his son Willem in the nineteen eighties. Willem Pasterkamp’s son founded Vofpm in the nineties and started as a pioneer in the processing of lobster, a type of fish that was not widely known. His father and grandfather’s extensive expertise came in handy. They were instrumental in making Vofpm what it is today, namely an impressive family-run business in which brother Jan Pasterkamp also plays a leading role as head of sales and purchasing. With its largely self-developed techniques and machinery, Vofpm has meanwhile become a leader in lobster processing, both in Europe and beyond.

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