frozen red gurnard suppliers
Name                          Red Gurnard
Latin Name               Trigla lucerna
Origin                          Netherland
Catch Area                 North Sea (FAO zone 27)
Available                    Frozen
Process                       IQF frozen

frozen red gurnard suppliers, Red gurnard is the largest type of gurnard that occurs in the North Sea, it can be 75 centimeters long. It is a bottom fish that mainly lives on crabs, shrimps, worms, molluscs and lobsters. In the spring this fish migrates to northern waters up to the Arctic Circle and also into the North Sea. Red poon is often included in the fishery for flatfish and gets sold for a good price.


frozen red gurnard suppliers (Details)

Because fish and shellfish naturally vary in size we will always adhere to the pack weights given. At times, for example, one large whole fish will be enough to make up the weight at other times it may be two or more smaller fish. Although the number of fish supplied may change between orders, the weight received will always remain the same. Please be aware that a description of a fish as ‘boned’ means that, although the fishmongers will have removed the bones to the best of their ability, we cannot guarantee that any piece of fish will be entirely bone-free.



 They keep us well topped up most days with a selection of fresh fish and shellfish and a catch can often be on its way to the Greendale farm shop within hours of leaving the sea. If we can’t catch it ourselves, we source only from trusted suppliers with standards as high as our own. The fish available may vary, depending on the season, but a delicious variety is always to be found on our fish counter. From whole fish to fillets, live lobsters to shrimp, our wide selection is sold in a choice of portion sizes and prepared for your convenience by our skilled fishmongers.


Sort Sorting Packed Euro pallet Blok pallet
Whole Red Gurnard 100-400 & 400-800 5 & 10 kg 5 x 128 of 10x 80 5 x 160 of 10 x 98
Red Gurnard fillet 50-100/ 120-200 / 200-300 5-10 kg / 1000g Retail (on request) 5 x 128 of 10 x 80 5 x 160 of 10 x 98

frozen red gurnard suppliers

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