Salmon wholesale suppliers
Name                          Salmon
Latin Name               Salmo Salar
Origin                          Norwegian \ Netherlands
Catch Area                 North Sea (FAO zone 27)
Available                    Fresh & Frozen
Process                       IQF frozen

Salmon wholesale suppliers,  is an anadromous fish that lives mainly in northern seas and the North Atlantic Ocean as an adult animal. The salmon is characterized culinary by the red color of the meat. The salmon occurred before the industrial revolution in European rivers, but is now virtually extinct. Attempts are being made to influence the water quality and the environmental factors in such a way that the salmon returns. European salmon is grown on a large scale in aquaculture in large net cages in Norway, Scotland, Ireland, Faroe Islands, France and in southern Chile.

Salmon wholesale suppliers (Processing )

The fish is gutted then the scales and gills are removed before they undergo filleting, which removes all bones from the head down to the tail with fins intact until only skin remains on top of each cut salmon filet (or boneless & bone-free). We offer; whole salmon wholesale supplier in every part of the world.

good storage help preserve taste quality and texture for longer periods like other seafood such as shellfish or lobster because salmon meat does not spoil easily when frozen in good conditions. keeping it at temperatures below minus 18°C (-4°F) indefinitely will maintain its freshness without any loss in nutritional value but may lose some water.

Frozen Salmon (Benefits)

Salmon is highly recommended in almost any occasion. The tasty fish will help you manage your weight, reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease, keep cholesterol at healthy levels and boost brain health.

Since prehistoric times, salmon have been served as food. It’s also one of the most nutritious foods on earth with many benefits to human health, like controlling blood sugar levels in people who have diabetes or helping lower bad LDL cholesterol when eaten regularly from just three ounce-portions per week. 

There are several reasons why salmon is an ideal food for people who want to lose weight while eating less meat. Compared to protein sources such as chicken or beef, salmon is an excellent alternative. It has ample protein content but has hardly any saturated fat content, so it offers many health benefits without being overly fattening in excess.

Why Buy Frozen Salmon From Us?

Vofpm seafood, procures Salmon and other seafood and processes it to our nearby markets.
Vofpm have access to global pricing’s real-time market statistics so that we can supply you with outstanding quality Salmon at great prices.

Our quality management team is highly efficient. The newly captured Salmon is then filleted, processed and frozen within hours, guaranteeing that only the finest fish is delivered.
They are manufactured and sealed in germ-free packages and then delivered.

All our fish and seafood are sustainably harvested, preserving the surrounding ocean habitat.

Frozen Salmon Nutritional Facts

A 3-ounces serving of Salmon provides:

Calories: 175
Total Fat: 10.5g
Saturated Fat: 1.1g
Carbohydrate: 0
Cholesterol: 44mg
Iron: 2mg
Protein: 18.79g




Sort Size Packed
Whole 2-3 / 3-4 / 4-5 / 5-6 20 kg Polystyreen
Fillet Trim C / D / E 4-5 kg 20 kg Polystyreen


Sort Trim Weight in kg
Whole 2-3 / 3-4 / 4-5 / 5-6 / 6-7
Fillets B / C / D / E / E deep-skin 0,7-1,1 / 1,1-1,5 / 1,4-1,9 / 1,8-2,3
Porties B / C / D / E / E deep-skin Between 100-300g (on request)




Packaging of the fillet Bulk / vacuum / vacuum + label / vacuum + boord onder filet
Packaging portions Vacuum / IQF
Box +/- 10 kg
Euro pallet 60 x 10
Salmon wholesale suppliers
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