wholesale flounder fish online

wholesale flounder fish online

Name                         Flounder

Latin Name               Platichthys flesus
Origin                          Netherland
Catch Area                 North Sea (FAO zone 27)
Available                    Frozen
Process                       IQF frozen



wholesale flounder fish online is indigenous in the waters of the Low Countries. The flounder is closely related to the plaice, with the external difference that there are hardly any visible spots on the (dark) upper side of the fish and the row of nodules on the sideline. The founder also has a thicker body than the plaice and the meat is finer in structure. The flounder is sexually mature at a length of 25 to 30 centimeters, usually does not exceed 50 centimeters, but can reach a length of 60 cm and a weight of 14 kg.

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Flounder filet No.3 5 & 10 kg 5 x 128 of 10 x 80 5 x 160 of 10 x 98
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