Wholesale john dory suppliers
  • Name                          John dory
  • Latin Name               Zeus faber
  • Origin                          China
  • Catch Area                 FAO 61
  • Available                    Frozen
  • Process                       IQF frozen

Wholesale john dory suppliers, In France they call him Saint Pierre and in English the fish is called John Dory. Sunfish is a lean fish and has very tasty and soft fish meat. On a culinary level, he is even compared to the turbot and brill. The fish is mainly sold in fillet and is very suitable for grilling, baking and poaching.


Our vessels work out of Netherlands, Brixham and Newlyn, and operate in accordance with the Seafood Responsible Fishing Scheme. They keep us well topped up most days with a selection of fresh fish and shellfish.  If we can’t catch it ourselves, we source only from trusted suppliers with standards as high as our own. The fish available may vary, depending on the season, but a delicious variety is always to be found on our fish counter. From whole fish to fillets, live lobsters to shrimp, our wide selection is sold in a choice of portion sizes and prepared for your convenience by our skilled fishmongers.

Wholesale john dory suppliers

Please note,  because fish and shellfish naturally vary in size, we will always adhere to the pack weights given. At times, for example, one large whole fish will be enough to make up the weight, at other times it may be two or more smaller fish; so, although the number of fish supplied may change between orders, the weight received will always remain the same. Please be aware that a description of a fish as ‘boned’ means that, although the fishmongers will have removed the bones to the best of their ability.

Benefits Of Frozen John Dory

Wholesale John dorry suppliers, John Dory fish has essentially no carbohydrates. Yet, at the same time, about a quarter is made up of protein, which is nutritious and easy to digest. As a result, this fish is classified as a food dietary commodity.  The flesh from this fish is also considered preferable for athletes. The sugar content of frozen John Dory is quite low because it is low in calories and nearly all of its energy is from its proteins and fats. Calories from carbohydrates are relatively low too. Regular eating of this frozen fish helps avoid atherosclerosis and enhance vascular elasticity. The use of dory reduces blood levels of unhealthy cholesterol, eliminates obstruction of blood vessels, increases a person overall body health and wellbeing. Wholesale john dory suppliers

John Dory Nutritional Facts

  1. A 100-gram serving of John Dory fillet provides:
  2. Calories: 95
  3. Protein: 20g
  4. Total Fat: 4.1g
  5. Sodium: 113mg
  6.  Cholesterol: 31mg
  7. Fat Calories: 37
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Wholesale john dory suppliers
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