Frozen langoustine wholesale

Frozen langoustine wholesale

Name                          Langoustine
Latin Name               Nephrops Norvegicus
Origin                          Netherland
Catch Area                 North Sea (FAO zone 27)
Available                    Fresh & Frozen
Process                       Semi IQF with nitrogen frozen
Sorting                   4-7, 8-12, 13-16, 17-20,17-25, 21-30, 31-40 & 41-50 pst/kg

The Norwegian lobster (Nephrops norvegicus) is a lobster that can grow to 10 till 30 centimeters. A langoustine is orange on top and sides and white on the bottom. They are relatively long and slim compared to other lobster species. The meat of the langoustine is lean and has a refined slightly sweet taste.

It’s also known as the Dublin Bay Prawn or the Norway Lobster and it’s most popular role, as scampi, that is: what we call the meat in the tail once it has been peeled. But the langoustine is a very beautiful fish and deserves to be admired before it’s eaten.

These Scottish langoustines are raw, we source ours from a supplier up in Aberdeen. For their journey, they are packed in a box with a layer of water frozen around the langoustine. This is done intentionally to protect the fragile little creatures from rattling around in the box and breaking. If you don’t want to use them all at once, you can run under cold water until they wiggle away, wrap up the portion you want to save and pop into the freezer.




Sizes 03-05 / 04-07 / 06-09 / 08-12 / 11-15 / 16-20 / 20-30 / 30-40 / 41-50
Packed 3 kg doos


The destination of our products is mainly targetted to wholesale, retail, restaurants and supermarket buyer organizations.

                 1000g                        500g
       25% = 750g net weight   25% = 375g net weight
       20% = 800g net weight 20% = 400g net weight
Plastic tray 500 g, 1000 g
Carton 6 of 12 kg.
Polystyreen 1,5 kg, (per bundel 4 x 1,5 kg.)
Euro pallet 84 x 6 kg. of 42 x 12 kg. / Polyst. 60 x 4 x 1,5 kg.
Blok pallet 104 x 6 kg. of 56 x 12 kg. / Polyst. 84 x 4 x 1,5 kg.


Langoustine is wild-caught from the cold, clear waters of the North Atlantic, coming from a well-managed and healthy fishery. 

Langoustine is the most valuable shellfish landed in Scotland and over one third of total world landings are made here. Langoustine is fished by trawlers, using a method known as bottom trawling, with smaller boats operating inshore and larger boats operating in mixed fisheries offshore. A small volume of langoustine, predominantly off the West coast of Scotland, are caught by creel. Frozen langoustine wholesale

Langoustine Shells are a great source of Vitamin E, Calcium and iron. As well as omega 3 like most other types of Seafood. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect our cells from damage. Calcium is essential for the growth and maintenance of bones and teeth. Iron is vital for the production of red blood cells, oxygen transport in the body, energy production and immune function.Frozen langoustine wholesale

Langoustine Shells work great in any seafood broth and pairs especially well with garlic and chilli. Langoustine Shells are extremely popular with many of our restaurant customers. It’s used in risotto, paella’s, soups and any fish dish that needs to add flavour. Our favourite recipe is Langoustine Bisque. They also work wonders when making shellfish stock why not give them a try for yourself and order them today.Frozen langoustine wholesale

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