Monkfish wholesale online near me

Name                          Monkfish tail

Latin Name               Lophius piscatorius

Origin                          Netherland / Faroe Islands

Catch Area                 North Sea (FAO zone 27)

Available                    Frozen

Process                       IQF frozen


Monkfish wholesale online near me, We skinned and hand-filleted each monkfish and then sealed it and froze it right after. The days are long gone when we considered monkfish waste in this country and shipped it all to other countries. In top London cafes and hotels, monkfish is always a hit.

Processing Monkfish

It is important that careful care and storing be used when dealing with any form of fish to minimise the risk of food contamination and ensure a safe and quality product. E. Coli and Salmonella are pathogens that can cause foodborne diseases and are often present in fish. Proper preparation of fresh monkfish for storage would preserve it and retain its quality for a prolonged period. As quickly as possible, freshly captured monkfish will be gutted and washed and then preserved at the proper freezing temperature. At 0°F or less, the monkfish would be frozen in a freezer. To shield it from air exposure, glazing seals the fish with a thick sheet of ice. After the fish has been glazed, lesser freezer space would be needed.

Monkfish wholesale online near me

  1. Like most other fishes, the monkfish is high in omega-3 fatty acids. This significantly reduces bad cholesterol and lower the risk of heart disease.
  2. It contains potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, zinc, sodium, B-vitamins, vitamin A, E and K.
  3. Monkfish is not just a tasty sea beast, and it is also a rich source of nutrients. It is filled with antioxidants that prevent free radicals from causing damage.
  4. Monkfish is loaded with a wide range of proteins, minerals and vitamins needed to sustain optimal health.
  5. It is also low in saturated fat, with just 1% of the average dietary consumption provided by a three-ounce serving.
  6. Maintaining healthy bone density, enhancing immunity, strengthening muscles, boosting cognitive processes and digestive health, as well as the skin and hair’s health, are several health benefits of consuming monkfish.

Why Buy Frozen Monkfish From Us?

Frozen Fish Direct’s monkfish is landed in Netherland and we have been providing monkfish and other seafood varieties to several hospitality businesses all over the country. We are an online shopping platform for premium goods and ingredients that is difficult to find. We remain a privately owned business, allowing us to customise our service to accommodate you truly. Frozen Fish Direct sources products from passionate producers who share the same philosophy of meticulousness and the finest quality. We deliver a wide variety of seafood and fish items from Netherland`

Frozen Monkfish Nutritional Facts

A 3-ounce or 85-gram serving of a cooked Monkfish provides:

  1. Calories: 82.5
  2. Calories from Fat: 14.9
  3. Total Fat: 1.7g
  4. Cholesterol: 27.2mg
  5. Sodium: 19.6mg
  6. Potassium: 436.1mg
  7. Carbohydrates: 0g
  8. Protein: 15.8g
  9. Vitamin A: 39.1IU
  10. Vitamin B6: 0.2mg
  11. Vitamin B12: 0.9μg
  12. Vitamin C: 0.9mg
  13. Calcium: 8.5mg
  14. Iron: 0.3mg
  15. Magnesium: 23mg
  16. Phosphorus: 217.6mg
  17. Zinc: 0.5mg
  18. Selenium: 39.8μg


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