wholesale razor clams europe

Wholesale razor clams europe

Name                          Ensis (Razor Clams)
Latin Name               Ensis ensis
Origin                          Netherlands
Catch Area                 North Sea (FAO zone 27)
Available                    Frozen
Process                       Semi IQF & IQF frozen

wholesale razor clams europe  occur on the North Sea coast from France to Denmark. In case of a storm or extremely low water, the empty shells can be found on the high tide line. Razor clams are considered a delicacy and specialty in countries such as France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. In these countries this delicious shellfish is eaten a lot. It is also used as bait by sport fishermen.

Catching area


Since this is close to the Netherlands we are able to catch most of our razor clams ourselves. After we have caught them we depurate them. This means that they are kept in clean and salt water to spit out the sand. In this way you will not have sand between your teeth when you eat the razor clams. After the razor clams are depurated we freeze them to keep them fresh. As a supplier we sell our razor clams with their shell. wholesale razor clams europe best suppliers

Razor clams have an unique texture and flavor. Their texture is quite similar to the texture of a squid and their flavor is very sweet. However, you should not cook them for too long since they will taste very tough if you do. Razor clams are quite low in calories since one hundred grams of them only contain about 92 calories. But this depends on the way in which you prepare them of course. Razor clams are a good source of proteins and they contain several B vitamins. They also contain some omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart since they help preventing heart diseases. 

Spoots need checked individually when cleaning. Make sure shells are closed, any open shells should close when gently tapped. Do not cook any that stay open and don’t close. Place clams in colander and run under cold water to remove excess sand from them.

The most common way to cook razor clams is to steam them. However, you can pan fry, roast or boil them too.

We mainly export our razor clams worldwide. Razor clams which are caught in Scotland are often exported alive to Hong Kong. In this city the clams are regarded as a great delicacy. There are different ways to prepare razor clams. One way to prepare them is to cook them with crushed garlic cloves, parsley and olive oil. But you can also prepare them with sea salt, olive oil and lemon juice. Razor clams can be grilled, but most people prefer to pan-fry them. However, when you prepare them you should pay attention to the time and the heat, since razor clams must be cooked very quickly. Wholesale razor clams Europe 




Maten Glaceer Verpakking Eenheden Aantal op pallet
40-60 p/kg  0% 1000g tray 4 x 1 kg 144 x 4 kg
40-60 p/kg 10% 1000g tray 6 x 1 kg 84 x 6 kg
40-60 p/kg 10% 1000g tray 6 x 1 kg 84 x 6 kg
40-60 p/kg 10% Box 5 kg 120 x 5 kg
40-60 p/kg 10% Box 10 kg 80 x 10 kg
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