Production Process

Buy frozen mackerel suppliers

Buy frozen mackerel suppliers

Since the company’s inception, Vofpm has made no concessions in respect of quality of the production machinery and cooled processing areas. Vofpm uses ultra-modern production equipment to process fish, seafood and shellfish. We have Marel sorting systems, Frigoscandia nitrogen freezing equipment and premium stainless steel packaging equipment.

In addition, the entire production process is automated and we use the Reflex 3000 management system for the Food industry. As such, we use so-called Flex 3000 CT Touch screens in the production areas, which update the production process for the relevant department step-by-step. The system also registers orders on arrival or shipment. We safeguard the entire production process. We conduct many tests and cameras throughout the factory monitor all activity.

Sourcing the freshest fish from local ports and the world market in a sustainable way, Brought to your kitchen door in the fastest way.

We are online frozen fish market that comes to you, We promise to deliver the freshest fish and seafood. Whether it’s been caught around the British coast or landed in the Indian Ocean or what ever the fish is originated. We’ll get you high quality fresh fish at a fair price and deliver it with care every time.

A bit like your business, our trade is non-stop. Fish markets are open at the crack of dawn and fresh fish arrives in our branches throughout the day and night. Our fishmongers then get to work prepping and filleting it. This means even if you get your order in after service, you could still get it delivered the next morning on our state of the art, temperature controlled vans. Won’t get much fresher than that now will you?

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